Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thailand Day 1: Bangkok Here We Come!

My friend Adele and I met at the airport around 10pm, it was actually my first time leaving from Haneda airport and it's such a sweet airport, it was decorated for Christmas with tons of lights everywhere. As well as it being a close train ride from my house to the airport, an hour with only one train transfer, compared to Narita airport where it takes around 2 hours or more, and at least 2 transfers. Haneda is also very easy to get around. If you have the choice I do recommend Haneda airport. 

Our flight left around 1230 night and we had a straight flight to Bangkok. Our flight went by quickly as we slept most of the way over. Just waking once in the morning to have the in flight meal.  We arrived at Bangkok international and grab the sky line to head towards Chatuchuk market.

 The skylines was only 35bhts and the metro 30bhts. It's only open during the weekends from 9 am. Of course we were too early but we wandered the streets and stopped to have a mocha for 25 bhts.

With lots of time left on our hands we saw this small side street with lots of stalls of delicious looking food. We enjoyed a delicious spicy breakfast before heading into the market. Fried egg, shredded chicken and onion salad, a sweet braised pork and ground meat and egg all on rice. I have to say, Thailand food is absolutely amazing! 

As we headed to the market we had to stop to try some different fanta. Adele loves trying the different fantas from around the world.

We also found an awesome drink...

It is called "Mansome" what a name!

We spent a while being lost in the sea of markets before take a short break to enjoy mango sweet rice and pad Thai.

I think this dish is my favorite find in all while on my trip to Thailand. 

That was not enough for us, so we ordered some pad thai as well. 

More shopping and a smoothie. I think I may have to change my occupation to going around Thailand and trying all the different smoothies they offer and blogging about it because I am in love with them. I swear I must have had a few smoothies a day!

I also have to comment about the taxis. They have wonderful colored ones in ones and bright green and yellow. 

You can find anything in Thailand...even a big pile of stones.

Feeling a bit tired after our flight and walked around for a long time, we decided to head near our hotel to get a massage. 

We found a place in Travel Planet called Health Land. 

We decided to go for a Thai massage for under 400bhts. So around $14USD for an hour. They also offer many different packages such as oil massages and more. 

After our massage we decided to go check in to our hotel since we have been carting around our big backpacks. We go back to the station to see protesters gathering so we decided to stay a bit and had a banana crepe like thing and walked around the protest to our hotel at the next station.

While walking to our hotel here are some shots I took. 

We arrive at our hotel and it is amazing. A huge room 26 floor above. A gorgeous view of Bangkok. Absolutely breathtaking! We stayed at The Emporium Hotels. I do recommend this hotel, you can find some amazing deals online as well as package deals when buying flight tickets. We used expedia. 

Next stop was the pool, had a quick dip and more pictures of the pool another post. Showered and then we bought Hobbit tickets since Japan doesn't have it playing until February. With plenty of time before our movie, we decided to go check out Chinatown, but we arrived to find it was closed so we had dinner at the side street stalls.

I ordered a thick noodle dish and another smoothie. This time a strawberry and pineapple one. Also note the clear plastic around my cup, its a handle...for a cup. We also saw plenty of bags of soup and drinks. No containers, just a bag. 


After our meal we walked to Siam, it took maybe around 30-40 mins to walk there, and we didn't get lost at all. 

We did find these cute pandas!

And some Christmas lights.

We arrived at Siam, and arrived to catch the end of a street festival with live performances and lots of shops. 

Siam is central downtown Bangkok, and I would say it would be like Shibuya in Tokyo. 

The time was getting closer to Hobbit time, so we took the train back, grabbed some snacks and drinks from the 711 and saw the Hobbit, which I have to say was awesome!

Back at our hotel we enjoy a few drinks and the amazing view at our balcony.

That's a rap! Day 1 of Thailand! More coming soon!

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