Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taipei 5: Din Tai Fung

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After visiting the National halls, we stopped at DinTai Fung, only about 20 mins walk away for some mouth watering dumpings! I wish I could go here every week! I need to try everything on this menu! 

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Dain Tai Fung now has shops across the world, check out their website to see if their is a shop near your location. 

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Veggies are also a big part of your diet, don't forget those while traveling. 
 photo IMG_0312.jpg

Try the truffle ones! To die for!

 photo IMG_0313.jpg
Pot stickers. Delicious!
 photo IMG_0314.jpg
Sweet and sour dumplings
 photo IMG_0316.jpg
Hot and sour soup. want to know their special ingredient? 
 photo IMG_0318.jpg
pigs blood!

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