Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Taipei Part 2: We're lost, but look, another temple!

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After the Barbie cafe, we decide to work off some of the food and walk around downtown Taipei.
And we walk. And walk. Somehow we managed to just get lost again and again, but during those times we would wander upon temples.

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Love all the statues.

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Whats in here?

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After spending most of the afternoon walking and lost, we stop along a side street for some seafood noodle dish.

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Oh I found a fruit market. My token point of every travel, is to try fresh juice or smoothie.

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Tada! Kiwi juice!

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Hey look! Another temple!
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This time there were people in this one, and they were all holding incense and praying.

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So we join along. Going from one side to the other, praying. In Taiwan the main religion is Buddhism.

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It seems that every temple we went to, there were tables full of fresh fruit and sweets as offerings to the gods.

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