Monday, April 14, 2014

Taiwan Here We Go! Part 1 at the Barbie Cafe

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During spring break between new classes starting at work, a friend and I decided to head over to Taiwan. 

We found a super cheap ticket with Vanilla Airlines for only 35000yen for hotel and flight 4 days. 

Just a few things with that, the flight left at 740 am, they ask you to check in at Narita by 540. First trains in Tokyo don't start till around 5am. It takes you at least 2 hours to get to Narita from Tokyo. Unless you want to rent a hotel at the hotel (we are starving teachers, we can't afford that) we decided to crash on the benches at the airport. I do not recommend if you are a light sleeper. The escalators kept going all night and saying "please watch your step". Also shout out to the annoying guy with the laptop, blaring your video for everyone to hear all night is not nice. But we get on the flight to Taipei, the seats had nooooo leg room. I envy all those short Asian people during these moments. 4 hour flight and we arrive at Taipei international airport. We have a shuttle to our hotel and we head out for our first stop. The Barbie Cafe. 

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Easy to find, located near the Sogo department store. It's name lives up to its glory. 

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Pink everywhere! The wallpaper sparkled.

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The menu, the napkins (I admit, I stole some for keepsake, or to use at my own cocktail party. Because, hey, who doesn't like barbie stuff. 

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We ordered a few desserts to share, and an appetizer. Also note that you have to spend at least $10USD each to go to the cafe. So if you are just looking for a drink, you'll have to buy more.
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Barbie everywhere! The fries were on a barbie plate. I seriously need all of their dishes. 

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Pink straws, and heart shaped fruit in our barbie drinks. 

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Look at these seats. More fancy than my whole wardrobe.  

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Excuse the wear and tear on my face, it had been a long night. 

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And what else do you do in Barbie Cafe_ Take pictures of all the pinkness of course!

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Food was great, prices...all right, not overly priced I guess. Staff cold. Sure they are all dress up and looking dazzling in their ballet pink skirts, but they sure do need attitude adjustments. 

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