Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taiwan part 6 : Jiufen

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Our next stop was Jiufen. Juifen the Real-World Inspiration for Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away.

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Here is a popular Taiwanese dessert. Like a crepe with ice cream inside and peanut brittle shavings.
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 And in the middle of this small choas world, you have peace.

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Climbing higher and higher our stomachs start to growl, we weren't the only ones.

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we get higher and higher, the skys have seemed to have opened.

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We head into a famous Taiwanese dessert resturant...a very different one. You walk in, order your dish, either hot or ice. Pay and walk through the kitchen/work area to the back where there are tons of tables and seats. It sure can fit a lot of people, and the view is amazing.

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 It is made of beans and a type of potatoe.

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After filling up on tons of delcious food, and buying lots of souvieners we head back to Taipei.

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We also skipped some of the strange look food items too. 

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This was pretty good! 

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