Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Taipei Part 9: Modern Toilet

We head to the Modern Toilet near Ziam station by foot.

We traveled unground and looked at all the shops at Taipeis Main Train Station.

 photo IMG_0522.jpg

 We get a bit mixed up with all the shops and people around us, but we find it.

 photo IMG_0525.jpg

 The Modern Toilet

  photo IMG_0530.jpg

This is one place you should try to visit. It is defiantly an experience.

  photo IMG_0539.jpg

The menu is shaped as poop!

  photo IMG_0540.jpg

 I am wearing it too!

  photo IMG_0541.jpg

 I ordered chicken curry

  photo IMG_0544.jpg

 It came in a toilet. My tea is in a toilet cup.

 photo IMG_0548.jpg

 Here are our cheese sticks

  photo IMG_0552.jpg

The gratin is in a tub

  photo IMG_0554.jpg

  photo IMG_0557.jpg

  photo IMG_0559.jpg

 Here is dessert

 photo IMG_0564.jpg


  photo IMG_0566.jpg

  photo IMG_0568.jpg

We had a bit too much fun with this.

  photo IMG_0570.jpg

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