Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taiwan Part 8 : Downtown Taipei and omg shoes!

Woke up to a gorgeous morning in Taipei.  photo IMG_0487.jpg

 photo IMG_0491.jpg

Ahhhh duck! Stopped at a museum.

   photo IMG_0495.jpg

 photo IMG_0497.jpg Some neat seats outside.

   photo IMG_0500.jpg

 This pup is keeping the seat warm for his owner I guess.

   photo IMG_0503.jpg

 photo IMG_0507.jpg

Also next on my stop is Sandy Ho! A shop for large sized shoes. This place is located near Taipei main station. I am in heaven!

   photo IMG_0509.jpg

I want these

   photo IMG_0510.jpg

and these

   photo IMG_0512.jpg

Omg shoes!

   photo IMG_0514.jpg

 photo IMG_0511.jpg

 I want them all! After my friend dragged me from the shop. With a lighter pocket.

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