Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fishing with Lindsay!

 photo IMG_0828.jpg

Welcome to a new start of FISHING with Lindsay!

From here on I will be including different posts about my fishing hobby with the brand new hubby! Our joint hobby, Fishing! Here in Japan its a big sport, with lots of goods and high quality products! I hope to show you the fishing world in Japan through my blog posts and I hope to get some videos up too in the near future! 

We love fishing at the beach side, but since it's a long drive to the beach coast from our place, right now we have started to get into Bass fishing. Up here in the picture you can see Yabai brand Funa Bait Honey lure. Isn't it cute? Yes, you will a pattern in my fishing gear. I'll also post pictures of the hubbys manly fishing products as well. 

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