Thursday, June 5, 2014


Lately here in Tokyo a few HillValley popcorn shops have been popping up, yes pun intended, all over. With now 6 main shops in Tokyo, and a couple located around other parts of Japan, it's delicious goodness is being spread by word of mouth and the most loved in Japan, 'omiyage' or souvenir, they will buy a souvenir for anywhere. Myself, I first tried it as a special treat from a friend, who had lined up for almost an hour to buy hers. The Japanese love lining up, even just for a bag of popcorn. 

Well wasn't it my luck when I was at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya (shopping department), and in the basement food floor I saw a small booth set up and selling their goods. The best part being, there was only one person in line. So of course, I have to buy some! HillValley offers 4 types of popcorn.

Chicago Cheese
Pure Gold Caramel
HillValley Mix 

HillValley mix is what you are probably thing it is, a mix of Pure Gold Caramel and Chicago Cheese. No way those two flavors will mix, is what I am betting your are thinking. But actually the salty cheese flavor and the sweet caramel crunch make a delicious blend.

You can buy it by bag (cheaper of course), or if you really like it you can by it by the tin, up to 2 gallons of it!

I recommend you give it a try next time you are near a HillValley shop. Stop by their website to check out a nearest location.

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