Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DIY Tiger Nails

I finally grabbed the camera while doing some new nails. Here is how you can create some cool tiger style nails by using either gel or polish. 

First style and shape your nails to the shape you'd like. Push up those cuticles while you are at it. DO NOT CUT CUTICLES. 

Put on base coat. 
Here I chose black and gold. You can change up the colors for your choosing. 
Put a light layer at first. 
2nd layer of paint. 
First point is tiger stripes. You will need a small point brush. 

And design the tiger stripes as you like.

Next create the tigers face. Use jewels or even paint for the eyes. For polish, make sure the polish has dried for a bit before drawing on the stripes. Use nail glue for the stones for better hold. 

Add some stripes to it. 

Add some gold squares or even an type of stones you like to add extra dash of bling. 

Add your top coat. 

And her you have tiger nails. 

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