Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nail tutorial purple and check nails

Tutorial on how to do purple with black and white accent border nails. 

First step is put on your base coat. 

First layer. I chose two purple nails with a beige nail and two white and black border nails. You can choose your own favorite colors. 

2nd layer. If it's a thin color nail polish you may need a 3rd coat. 

Next step use a thin brush and draw two black lines vertically. Let it dry before doing the horizontal lines so it doesn't smudge the vertical lines. You can do either 3 horizontal lines or 4 depending on your nail length. 

Next add some stones as an accent point. I used a gold round peice with some small stones in the center. 

Put the top coat on. 

Voila! Some stylish and fun nails for fall! How awesome are these? 

Now it's time for you to try! What do you think? Will you try this style? 

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