Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thailand Day 2 Off to Chinatown!

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Another early morning had us heading towards Chinatown again and our first stop was the Golden Buddha at the Wat Traimit Temple. It's the worlds largest solid golden statue. 

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Located at the end of Chinatown Yaowarat Road, and near Hualampong Railway Station.

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The building has been newly renovated and but still has the old classic architect. 

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We has wonderful weather for our trip! 

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More golden statues. 

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There were hardly any people there, so we could enjoy the temple at our own pace and don't have to be squashed in. The room is pretty small. 

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View from the top. 

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We have arrived at Chinatown!

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The streets are busy. 

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First stop is some pomegranate juice!

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So many shops, so many things! Lots of crafty things, bulk items. It's crazy! You could actually spend days just wandering the back streets. 

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Of course we stop for some snacks!

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And some more. These are made from coconuts. 

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This weird green thing, we had no clue, but was one of the most amazing things we ate!

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Coconut treats

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Some noodles for lunch.

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Farewell Chinatown!

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