Monday, January 26, 2015

20 Weeks

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20 weeks! We have no made the halfway point! Crazy how fast it is going. I wish I could be able to do more exercise. But doctor told me I am not allowed to do any. No long walks, no heavy lifting. He is just being extra caution from my 1st trimester I was on bed rest for a threatened miscarriage. I am carrying a bit low, but doctor said that it's all looking well, and the baby can move up, it's still early. 

Last appointment I had high blood pressure, and doctor was worried about that, so we bought a blood pressure machine, but every time at home, it's perfectly normal. Now to see what the doctor says about that. Just keeping my salt intake low for the next while. 

But baby belly! Hello! I have been feeling the baby kick more and more, and I bought a Doppler and it lets me hear the baby moving around in my belly. Which is really neat!

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