Saturday, March 31, 2007

From Osaka to Tokyo by local trains

Let’s just say I’m never taking the way to Tokyo again. I woke up at, well didn’t wake up since I was up all night b/c I couldn’t sleep. Left at 5am and started my travels to Tokyo. I kinda lost count of how many trains I changed at, so that’s how many there were. It took me over 10 hours to get to Tokyo. Never again I will do that with my entire luggage. But I arrived there, look forever to find the office for my apartment, but did it in time and got my key and found my apartment at last, only after searching for a good 30-40 minutes did an old man come up to me, look at my map and address then start walking away from me, to stop and look back at me and say "kochi, kochi" (here, here), little did I know that then, since I could not speak a word of Japanese, but I followed him and he helped me find my apartment. By the time I arrived from Osaka to Tokyo I only ate a melon bun and half the whole way, but I was so tired I got a shower and went to bed. Here's to more excitement tomorrow.

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