Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Go Go Go! Part 2

Back again, and only have a short time before I have to go off to work. But I finished off with my Sunday adventure. I had to get up early on Monday to do some errands, and it was a beautiful day to do it too. I ended up biking to Nakano which is around 10 mins away to get my medical card, and then biked to Yoyogi park which took about 30 mins since I took back streets for the scenic routes ^_^ I laid out for a bit under the sun in the park while waiting for Hannah and when she arrived we went bought some food and alcohol to drink in the park for the afternoon. But since it was so hot and my tshirt was too thick, I went and bought myself a new top in Harajuku. It's the top from my picture :D what do you think? I like the stars! We stayed there for a while and I definitely got some sun, my arms are tanned :D I'm thinking if it's this nice next Sunday/Monday I'm going to go to the beach and hang out there. Anyone want to come with me. We can just relax and drink and get some sun.
Poor monkey...one too many to drink Yoyogi is a good place to relax Onigiri! Hannah likes her alcohol Smile time :D Tree we were under We had a live belly dance show too XD

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