Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Dance no life

I guess to start off from where I left off on. On Wednesday I had dance practice close to Chiba. Well in the middle of Tokyo and Chiba I met up with Yada at the station and we met up with Natsuki and a few of the other members and made our way to the rehearsal hall. We were supposed to be there early so we could do practice for the ending part, but turned out opening took too long, and they skipped it. Kento showed up during the afternoon and we all got our outfits. So we all changed into them and since we had time to kill, a bunch of us headed to a park nearby and decided to practice, though we ended up just playing around and taking a lot of pictures XD So after the long 8 hour of rehearsal, we all went home. I arrived home around 1030 and met up with Umi and Shun (roommates) and we decided to go clubbing in Roppongi. Spent the next few hours out dancing, and we all caught a taxi home.
Yada showing off the new outfit Araki too Natsuki being a fool as always Off to the streets. Boy were people staring. Don't ask.

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