Sunday, June 24, 2018

Coisof Harajuku Ice Cream

Another stop on our exciting Harajuku day trip was Coisof! 

Coisof is located close to the Rainbow Sandwich shop, just located down the street on the corner to the left beside the shop. 

What an adorable shop! They had 3 kinds of ice cream to choose. Also you could get regular and they had a special edition one for the rainy season. The rainy season one is the one I choose. My friend got black sesame seed flavor. Also you can choose between normal waffle cone or a black one. 

Current flavors are 
Black sesame seed
Sesame seed
Any can be mixed.

Also available now a strawberry milk shake like drink.

Inside the shop they have a special corner built for a photoshoot area with your ice cream. 

We had lots of time to take pictures since we were the only people in the shop. It was a wet rainy Wednesday at 1130 and no one was around. 

Coisof is located down Takashita street, pass the 711, then Liz Liza, turn right after the CUTE CUTE shop go down the street. You will it in a back street.


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