Sunday, June 24, 2018

Disney Sea - 35th Anniversary/star festival

To celebrate my little mans 3rd birthday we went to Disney! The happiest place in the world. We went to Disney Sea because Blake just loves Duffy. Also I want the alcohol. 

Yup. You hear me. Disney Sea sells alcohol. We tried 3 different drinks. 

At the entrance of Disney Sea there is this huge globe. 

 It was the 35th anniversary so try had tons of these golden statues up with different themes relating to the park area. 

Tried a new popcorn flavor. Tokyo Disney is all about the food and popcorn haha. Garlic shrimp. Just like it’s name. But tasty. 
Turned out hotter than we thought so Mickey ice cream. 
Some melon sour cocktail with sour tapioca balls in it. 

Indian jones. 

Found mojitos! The best! 
 Blood orange and pink grapefruit beer cocktail. 
Bought these adorable mickey ears. 
Cotton candy churros. 
Lunch time at Duffy and mickey show and diner. 
Got to stop and smell the flowers. 

Excited he got to meet Duffy. 
In front of Duffy’s place. 

We spent a long day out with the kids and they had a blast! Got to thank my friend for taking us cause I couldn’t do it by myself haha.

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