Friday, June 22, 2018

Rainbow Sandwich in Harajuku

So finally took a well needed and well deserved trip out with my best friends to Harajuku to try out all the new trendy foods out there. Here is the first one we stopped at. Rainbow Sandwich! Slowly this shop is becoming more and more popular and popping up on Japanese new shows and magazines. 

Le Shiner(レ・シャイナー) レ・シャイナー

They not only have the rainbow sandwich, they have fancy drinks in lightbulbs (another popular trend from last summer 2017) rainbow ice cream, cheese hot dogs, star drink in a fancy star glass and animal shaped ice creams. 

Not only do they have cute food, they also have a decorated building outside for people to take lots of photos and post it up on facebook or instagram. But be warned the building is tiny! Looks like only 2 staff can fit in it at a time. More like a corner of a building. 

The day we went was a horrible rainy day so we couldn't get as many pictures. But it was still fun!

I am planning to try the rainbow ice cream next time!

Located about 8min walk from Harajuku station. Walk down Takashita Street. Pass the 711 and pass the Liz Lisa shop and turn right down the street, it'll be on the left. 

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